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How to remove imperfections?

24.10.19    « EXPERTS » reports

Do you often get small (or large) blemishes that appear on your face and you don’t know how to get rid of them effectively? IOMA, the #1 brand in personalised cosmetics, offers tailor-made anti-blemish formulas. Focus on the four outstanding products in the 5 PURETÉ line.


Touch and Protect

Short nights and long days don’t leave you with any down time! This takes a toll on your skin, and blemishes start to appear… How can you make them disappear while taking care of your skin and its specific needs? IOMA, specialised in tailor-made cosmetics, offers a care routine using the 5 PURETÉ line that’s adapted to the only skin that matters: yours!


To get rid of imperfections…

I remove my makeup completely

Astringent Foam Toner

To bid adieu to blemishes, you need to remove your makeup every night. If your face isn’t properly cleaned at the end of the day, your pores become clogged with sebum and make-up… And hello, blackheads!

Your saving solution? ? Wash your skin with the Astringent Foam Toner
To give your new eating habits a helping hand, you can count on this unstoppable foam that helps regulate sebum production and is effective against bacteria. Your skin is completely purified and can breathe again!


I stop eating (overly) greasy foods

Gentle Exfoliating Emulsion

When you reach for a chocolate bar or a slice of sausage, you’re asking for small (or big) zits! When you eat foods that are too greasy, your liver has to work twice as hard, and this has a direct effect on the quality of your skin… Your new watchword? Lighten up your plate for a fresh complexion!

Your saving solution? Make a scrub every week with IOMA Gentle Exfoliating Emulsion
With its exfoliating particles, this formula sloughs off dead skin cells every night, restoring its radiance and softness instantly. You’ll slip into the arms of Morpheus in complete peace of mind!

I free up my blocked pores

Absorbent Mask

Your environment plays a huge part in the quality of your skin. Digital and environmental pollution affects the freshness of your complexion day after day and permanently clogs your pores.

Your saving solution? Apply IOMA Absorbent Mask
Used regularly, this mask purifies and absorbs excess sebum and impurities without drying out your skin. Your skin is more supple and matte, and your complexion is youthful and radiant again. What more could you ask for?


I go deep

Gel Réparateur

Getting pimples repeatedly can leave unsightly marks on your face… To speed up your skin’s healing powers and get a smooth complexion back, you need a targeted treatment!

Your saving solution? Use IOMA Repair Gel daily
This gel restores the skin’s balance and radiance. Damage from inflammation is reduced and the tissues of the dermis are plumped up again. You’ve got your youthful glow back!


For even more tailor-made care…


Mon Sérum

Mon Sérum : the only serum that’s100% personalised, containing the most effective formula for you from among 33,281 possible formulas.

4 concentrates are added to a moisturising base with anti-pollution and blue light-fighting properties. The CP Pureté concentrate is adapted as precisely as possible to your skin’s specific needs for sebum control, shine reduction and pore minimisation.


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