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Oily skin: how to choose the right mattifying cream

28.02.20    « EXPERTS » reports
Written by IOMA Experts

Yes, it is possible to reduce and even eliminate the shine that occurs on mixed to oily skin. Mattifying cream aims to regulate sebum secretion, tighten pores and even out complexion. Here are our tips for adopting the correct beauty routine and saying goodbye to shine.

Why is my skin shiny?

Mixed to oily skin produces more sebum than it should. Sebum is a natural oily lipidic film that protects the skin, but when too much of it is produced, the sebum is visible, making skin shiny and blocking pores, which leads to imperfections.

What is a mattifying cream?

Mattifying cream is specific facial skincare developed for mixed to oily skin and makes it possible to regulate sebum production and reduce excessive shine. Its composition and light texture reflect the requirements of oily skin, which still needs moisturising. Its active ingredients, which are usually absorbent and sebo-regulating, mattify the complexion, tighten open pores and smooth skin texture.

How should I use my mattifying cream?

It is absolutely essential that skin is thoroughly cleansed before any day or night skincare product is applied. To cleanse skin, use a gentle make-up remover and finish with a skincare water or toner that suits your skincare needs.
Apply you mattifying cream to clean skin, preferably in the morning, over the whole face. Depending on the needs of your skin and to avoid drying skin out, mattifying cream can be used only occasionally if necessary. Mattifying cream provides an excellent base for applying make-up when combined with a mattifying powder.

Errors to avoid

If your skin has imperfections such as blackheads or spots, you may be tempted to try aggressive exfoliation techniques, or even worse, try to remove them by squeezing! When skin is put under this kind of stress, particularly with treatments that strip the skin, it tends to over-react and produces even more sebum. To take care of your skin and increase the efficacy of your mattifying cream, use a gentle exfoliant and a purifying mask suited to your skin type once a week..

IOMA Matifying Ragulating Cream

Matifying Ragulating Cream
Enriched with sebo-regulating, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory active ingredients, the IOMA Matifying Ragulating Cream lastingly mattifies, soothes and evens out skin tone. Its ultra-light texture is easily absorbed to purify oily skin deep-down and to regulate the excess sebum that causes shine.


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