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How to get healthy hair?

You may have already heard of Skin Cycling, a new beauty approach based on a simple 4-day skincare routine that targets a different skin concern each day. This trend has now been extended to hair care with the Hair Cycling technique and the idea that the needs of your hair vary on a regular basis, thus requiring the implementation of a cycling haircare routine. Here are the details.

10.05.23    News

What is Hair Cycling ?

Hair Cycling, a new trend inspired by a widespread practice in Japan, consists of setting up a hair cycling regimen with the sole purpose of keeping your hair and scalp healthy throughout the year. This technique involves personalizing your haircare routine and is suitable for all hair types. Indeed, you can give it a try whether you have oily, dry, short, long, curly, or straight hair. Basically, it involves alternating different haircare routines by changing shampoos, conditioners, masks, or serums to meet all your hair needs as they vary with seasons, age, environment, etc.

How to improve hair and scalp health ?

Like skin, hair is sensitive to variations, whether hormonal, environmental (temperature, humidity, pollution, etc.), or related to age or lifestyle. Sometimes, even changing your haircut can affect your hair. Therefore, whether you have oily, dry, curly, straight, colored, short, or long hair, its needs are multiple and variable. Hair Cycling allows you to understand this and personalize your haircare routine by choosing the right shampoos, conditioners, masks, or serums to specifically meet the real needs of your hair at a given time.

So, precisely identifying your needs is essential to get healthy hair. First of all, do not hesitate to seek help from your hairdresser. As for you, you should check the list of ingredients of the haircare products you use and make sure they are suitable for you to avoid, for example, making your hair too greasy or weighing it down if you already lack volume. When washing your hair, follow a 2 or 3-step washing routine. Shampoos, conditioners, and masks are complementary haircare products. Finally, it is necessary to take some precautions, such as letting your hair rest by avoiding washing it every day or massaging your scalp.

Hair Cycling in practice: Which products should you choose for your hair?

We recommend testing the Hair Cycling method for several weeks. Follow our expert advice to personalize your haircare routine to the fullest.

1st week: Detox program

Start your cycling routine by focusing on detox. You can exfoliate your scalp to remove impurities, oxygenate the roots, regulate sebum production, and stimulate hair growth. Furthermore, scalp exfoliation helps prepare the skin for the following haircare products, thus making their active ingredients more effective. The Purifying Care Shampoo, formulated with a combination of mild surfactants, removes up to 90% of impurities and sebum from the first application. It effectively cleanses your hair while taking care of the scalp’s protective barrier.

We suggest that you use a moisturizing treatment to restore the hair fiber after this first treatment and strengthen your hair. Our Fundamental Hydration Conditioner, infused with hyaluronic acid, will leave your hair hydrated, softer to the touch, and shinier.

2nd week: Deep repair

The second step of your program is to repair the hair fiber in order to limit hair loss caused by hair breakage. Over time, due to coloring, brushing, hair dryers, straighteners, or other heating devices, your hair may become fragile, dry, and difficult to detangle, and split ends may appear. The Moisturizing Anti-Breakage Shampoo is specially designed to take care of your hair from roots to tips. Enriched with sunflower oil and hyaluronic acid, it makes your hair stronger, less prone to breakage, and healthier-looking.

The Repairing Balm Mask, made of coconut and argan oil, is a nourishing treatment that repairs split ends, helps detangle your hair, and limits hair breakage.

3rd week: Specific needs

After shampooing, choose a treatment that is suitable for one of your hair needs. For example, if your hair lacks volume, use the Volumizing Conditioner, which improves hair volume and makes it easier to style without weighing it down.

If your hair lacks shine or is prone to frizz, we recommend using the Hydrating Essence Serum after washing. This leave-in hair treatment with a lightweight texture is made of a combination of nourishing emollients that can tame your hair for a softer touch and less frizz from the first application.


If you were used to choosing your haircare products based on your hair type, now you know that your hair needs are more complex than you thought. Hair Cycling precisely targets all your hair needs by implementing hair cycling routines over several weeks and ensures healthy hair and scalp all year long.

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