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IOMA Hair Brand


Technical, personalized and effective haircare products derived from our skincare expertise, to give YOUR hair a new beauty experience combining luxury with cutting-edge technology. This, in a nutshell, is IOMA’s DNA.

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Visible results after a single application
* with RENEW Restorative Conditioner

proven efficacy

At the heart of IOMA HAIRCARE’s formulas is a microlayers technological innovation guaranteeing extraordinary benefits in terms of hair beauty. Guided by the use of science for beauty, IOMA HAIRCARE has demonstrated its efficacy with results after a single application.

personalized haircare

IOMA HAIRCARE recommends routines that address YOUR hair problems, with carefully selected and balanced active ingredients.

IOMA Hair Brand
Active ingredients and the patented “Microlayers” technology

a truly unique experience

IOMA HAIRCARE gives you a unique experience thanks to the sensory appeal of its rich textures, patented microlayers technology, which ensures exceptional results, and intoxicating olfactory signature.

made in france

To give your hair the best possible care, our entire range is designed, formulated and produced in France.


Enter a new dimension of hair care

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