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The only multidimensional and personalised eye contour product designed to address the specific concerns of the eye contour area And give it a more youthful, rested and radiant look. A unique formula for you, among 13,257 possible formulas.

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15 ml / 0.5 FL. OZ.
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The dosage of the 4 Mon Sérum concentrates are adjusted as closely as possible to your needs: a unique formula amongst 33,281 possible formulas.

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40,257 possible formulas, 1 unique formula for you. Your bespoke skincare ready in 1 minute thanks to the IOMA In.Lab technology. Now also available in 30ml/1,0 FL.OZ.

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Hyper personalisation powered by technology


Every day our vision is enriched. Every day we build more.

We enrich our own formula…

What is In.Lab technology?
An instant and personalised formulation
After the expertise in measurement and diagnosis at IOMA, we have developed a technology allowing to formulate tailor-made cosmetic treatments, based on the first phase of needs identification. The In.Lab laboratory is the miniaturization of a highly technological know-how, which allows formulation to be done on demand and to the drop. It makes it possible to offer excellence to each customer by relying on a cutting-edge technology and combining high-tech precision in dosing to rapid conditioning in less than a minute.
IOMA In.Lab guarantees:
  • Ultra-personalised formulation
  • High-tech dosing accuracy
  • Rapid conditioning in under a minute

The novelty

Eye contour care product to be combined with the other IOMA ranges
In addition to personalisation, IOMA offers numerous possibilities to establish unique skin care routines.

MON SOIN YEUX can be combined with products from the HYDRA, ENERGIZE, RENEW, CALM, PURETÉ, MATTE or ILLUMINE ranges, each responding to specific skin problems, where every skin care product is made with highly concentrated active ingredients to guarantee second-to-none efficacy.

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« I needed a unique treatment, a treatment that really suited me »

« It's kind of my own magic formula »

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