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Skin Beauty: 10 mistakes not to make

25.05.20    « EXPERTS » reports
Written by Nelly, IOMA Paris Boutique Manager

The surface of your skin is protected by a natural, protective hydrolipidic film that regulates water loss and shields it from microbial aggressions. This skin barrier must be preserved in order to keep your skin healthy and beautiful. Frequent washing, makeup, bad habits… Discover 10 mistakes you may be making without even knowing it that are harmful to your skin!

Bad habits to banish…

Washing your face with soap and water
Soap strips your skin and is drying. Its pH is higher than your skin’s, which disrupts its natural acidity. Frequently washing with soap destroys the skin’s natural protective barrier and makes the skin more fragile. Tap water can be hard, which means it contains high levels of minerals. This can also attack and weaken your skin, creating irritations and breakouts.

Changing up your skin care routine too often
Like to try out trendy new skin care products? Do you rush to try the latest miracle cream or the newest quick and effective make-up remover? You should be aware that your skin needs time to adjust to the active ingredients in your skin care products before it can really full advantage of them. Changing products to often can throw off your skin’s equilibrium. It’s better to take your time and select products that are truly adapted to your skin’s needs, or even a custom product.

Going to bed without taking off your makeup
A hard day at work, no energy, or just plain laziness: when you skip the makeup removal step before falling into bed, you go to sleep with skin that’s “suffocated” under layers of greasy substances and pollutants that create oxidation. Your skin becomes dehydrated and more sensitive, your complexion becomes dull and skin ages faster. Going just one night without cleansing can age your skin by 15 days, so that’s one more thing to motivate you to take off your makeup!

Applying skin care products without taking off your makeup
Or even worse! If you apply your night cream without taking off your makeup, the accumulation of debris and grease in the makeup on the surface of your skin creates a barrier that stops the cream and all those good active ingredients from penetrating into your skin, making them ineffective, and further asphyxiating your skin.

Using cleansing wipes
Though they’re handy, cleansing wipes can be exfoliating. When used daily, they’re harsh on fragile skin and can weaken it. Instead, reach for a makeup remover that’s suited to your skin type: a gentle cleansing milk, a rinse-off toner foam, or a gel eye makeup remover for a refreshing cleanse.

Washing your face in the shower
Letting hot water hit your face dilates your skin’s blood vessels and can accentuate redness, especially in sensitive skin. If you want to rinse your skin after washing your face or removing your makeup, use cold water instead, which tightens the pores, stimulates blood circulation, and perks up your complexion, boosting its radiance.

…and other bad moves.

Touching your face
In the street, in the subway, at work… We touch our faces all day long and often don’t even realise we’re doing it! The germs and bacteria on your hands migrate to the skin on your face and can cause breakouts to appear.

Popping pimples
Stress, hormones… There are many things that can cause small, unsightly pimples to appear, and sometimes we’re tempted to pop them to try to make them disappear more quickly… But not only is doing so ineffective, it causes inflammation and, in the long term, scarring.

Sun exposure without protection
A stroll through town, exercising in the great outdoors, an al fresco lunch… even without a trip to the beach, we expose our skin to the sun daily, sometimes extended periods of time, without remembering that it needs to be protected. UV rays are the main factor in premature skin ageing and can cause dark spots, sagging skin or, more seriously, skin cancer. A sunscreen with SPF 50 won’t keep you from tanning, but it will protect your skin from the harmful effects of UV rays.

Wearing makeup
Makeup, especially foundation, can suffocate your skin. Choose liquid textures and formulas without silicone, avoid piling up multiple layers and, whenever you can, give your skin a makeup-free day off to breathe! If you use makeup brushes, don’t forget to wash them often. This will keep the bristles soft (and make them less aggressive) and hygienic.

Little extras for healthy skin

Cosmetics aren’t always enough to keep your skin looking perfect! Diet, sleep, and exercise also play a vital role in keeping your skin looking young and radiant.
Saturated fats in deli meats, pastries and other packaged foods can cause breakouts. Add fruit, nuts, raw vegetables, and green tea to your diet, which are all good for your complexion. Fish like salmon and mackerel are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which help strengthen cell membranes and fight inflammation.
Finally, drinking alcohol can cause premature ageing of the skin and aggravate certain issues such as redness, acne and dehydration, which contributes to the formation of fine lines.

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