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What are the benefits of using face masks?

24.07.20    « EXPERTS » reports
Written by Nelly, Director of Boutique IOMA Paris

Face masks are an important moment of relaxation for you and for your skin, whether it be dry, dull, oily, lacking firmness… Choose the texture and means of application that reflects your needs and routine.
Less dry skin, radiance, reboosted skin… Face masks restore all the elements and active substances that your skin needs.

How often should face masks be used?

Listen to your skin!
For dry skin: nothing beats an intense moisturising treatment once or twice a week.
For dull skin: some so-called “night” masks can be applied once or twice a week in the evening and left on overnight. You’ll get great results and a guaranteed fresh complexion when you wake up.
For oily skin or skin lacking firmness: the same principle applies, once or twice a week is the ideal ritual, masks are your allies, so don’t forget about them.

How to choose your mask based on skin type?

Skin that lacks hydration:
All skin types need hydrating. Dry skin stays uncomfortable and often loses its radiance and beauty. Dry skin is lacking in water and lipids. A moisturising mask will boost your skin’s water content, and also on the eye contour and eyelids (a specific mask can be applied for these areas).

Oily skin:
Oily skin produces an excess quantity of sebum through the sebaceous glands and/or suffers from dehydration. If skin lacks water, it will automatically produce sebum to protect itself. Overproduction of sebum will block pores, causing imperfections, spots and blackheads. A mask targeting this specific problem eliminates impurities and purifies the skin without drying out the epidermis.

Irritation, dryness, redness, skin is sensitive to the stresses of daily life. An anti-redness mask protects the vascular system and reduces aggravating factors. From the moment of application, it provides immediate comfort, leaving skin soft, perfectly hydrated and soothed.

A dull complexion:
The complexion can lose its radiance due to lack of sleep, skin ageing, stress, poor diet or poor elimination of toxins. There are lots of factors that can stop your skin looking its best!

Lack of firmness:
Skin can lose its elasticity through exposure to the sun and the passing of time, but other factors can also be responsible for this phenomenon (pollution, tobacco, alcohol, pregnancy, genetics, poor diet…). A firmness-enhancing mask prevents, slows down and fights against premature ageing of the skin.

Night masks: what are the benefits?

Did you know? Your skin is much more receptive to treatments applied between 11 PM and 3 AM. Not only is a night mask easy to add to your beauty routine, it will also allow your skin to deeply absorb all the active substances contained within the mask. The IOMA Vitality Slepping Mask is a night mask that boosts your skin so that on waking, radiance is restored and your skin is ready to take on the challenges of the day.

The perfect routine

It isn’t easy to combine work and looking after yourself. Often we can’t wait for the weekend to come round so we can relax a bit. Here is a complete routine to look after yourself and restore a radiant, cleansed and replumped complexion.

Once your skin has been make-up removed and/or thoroughly cleansed, you should exfoliate. Skin exfoliation aims to stimulate blood circulation by eliminating all the dead cells which make your complexion dull. In addition to smoothing skin and ridding it of skin flakes, exfoliation makes masks more effective.

Our little extra: apply mousse or toner for perfect make-up removal.

Gently massage the skin on your face before applying the mask. This practice really helps reduce tiredness lines. For a great complexion, massage in small circles from the inside to the outside of your face.

Then select your mask, take a small amount of the product and apply to your entire face using your fingertips or a brush, taking care to avoid the eye contour. Start with the median line (forehead, nose, chin) and spread the product to the sides, always remembering to include your neck. You can also add a mask for the eye contour if you choose. Some masks can be applied to the face and eyes, read the product information leaflet for more details.
Leave for 5 to 15 minutes. Depending on the mask you have chosen, the leave-on time can vary and some masks don’t need to be rinsed off.
Once your skin has been purified, carry out your usual cream and serum ritual.

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