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How to protect my skin from UV?

25.07.19    « EXPERTS » reports
Written by IOMA Experts

Sun and UV: the real dangers

Touch and Protect

From the very first rays of sunshine, walking down the street, having a coffee outside, strolling through the garden, queuing at the cinema… are these urban activities can be harmful for the face. More vicious than at the beach, sun exposure in the city often takes us by surprise because we’re not as concerned about its harmful effects (spots, fine lines, sunburn), but they’re just as present.

Touch & Protect

UVA and UVB what difference and what risks for the skin?

UV rays


There are many dangers related to solar radiation. On the one hand, there are UVA rays, which penetrate deeply into the skin and can cause premature ageing and skin cancer. On the other hand, there are UVB rays, which are responsible for the change in skin colour (tanning, or sunburn…).

Choose double protection

Less well-known than SPF, which is a measure of protection against UVB, rays, PA is a new protection indicator. This innovative indicator measures protection against UVA. PA++++ protection is the highest protection available.

With Touch & Protect SPF50+ et PA++++, wants what’s best for your skin, without compromise. Touch & Protect SPF50+ et PA++++ is the most effective way to protect your skin’s beauty, starting with the very first rays of sunlight.

IOMA goes even further!

Mobile app IOMA

At IOMA, number 1 in Personalized Cosmetics, we don’t joke around with sun protection, because it’s the first step in anti-ageing treatment. IOMA App, using geolocation, allows us to tell you the UV index wherever you are. The higher the index, the higher the risk. Don’t be fooled, cloudy weather doesn’t protect against UV rays!
By knowing exactly what UV index you’re exposed to, you can adjust your beauty routine and manage your sun protection as effectively as possible. Is the index high? It’s time to take out your Touch & Protect for a protection/hydration touch-up (recommended every 2 to 4 hours).

Touch & Protect, the must-have accessory for summer, in the city and at the beach

A never-ending supply of hydration

Touch ans Protect


This cushion cream is also a great moisturizer to keep skin looking young, smooth and soft for a long time. Rich in hyaluronic acid, it creates a protective film that limits dehydration and provides a water supply that the skin can draw on as needed. There’s no need for lots of extra steps to your routine as soon as the first rays of sunlight appear!

Applying Touch & Protect revives the complexion during the day by providing a delightful “glowy” effect on the cheeks, recharging them with water. An added bonus that’s always nice when the mercury starts rising, applying it has an immediate cooling effect on the face.

With just a little click-clack, you protect your skin’s beauty

Touch and Protect : moisturizing cream and sunscreen

All IOMA’s expertise in a single package

IOMA, Number 1 in Personalized Cosmetics, attaches as much importance to the intelligence of its formulas as to their preservation, especially when heat is a risk. That’s is why Touch & Protect’s packaging uses cushion technology, but with an airless system that provides better protection for the formula. The micro-sponge allows for uniform application.

Touch & Protect

No need to use your fingers (so your hands stay clean) or other accessories, everything right in the – elegant – case. By pressing down on the plunger with the puff, you just apply the cream to the face (even over make-up!) with little taps and there you go! Your skin is both moisturized and protected from UV rays.
This technological gem fits in a discreet case that will go everywhere with you, whether in your bag, clutch, or even in your pocket!

Easy to carry and chic, Touch & Protect is a clever invention to help you enjoy summer in complete beauty and safety!

Touch & Protect


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