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« EXPERTS » reports    07.11.23

How to Choose the Right Anti-Aging Skincare Product? Time leaves its imprint on our skin as we age. Sagging, dryness, the appearance of wrinkles…Even though skin aging is an inevitable process, it is possible to prevent and limit the premature onset of its visible signs. Boasting younger-looking skin requires choosing an appropriate anti-aging product that […]

« EXPERTS » reports    07.09.23

Therefore, mature skin, which becomes thinner, more fragile, and less firm, needs special attention and specific care to keep it healthy and radiant. Learn more about how menopause affects your skin from IOMA’s experts and discover our range of specific products designed to take care of mature skin and support you during and after this […]

News, « EXPERTS » reports    17.03.23

It is not always easy to choose a face cream, a serum, a cleanser, or a mask from the wide range of products available on the market. Every minute around the world, a consumer relies on IOMA’s expertise to build their beauty routine and, more specifically, to choose their face creams. Indeed, our science-backed skincare […]

« EXPERTS » reports    14.02.23

The core of this makeup is the complexion: the essential and unavoidable step if we choose the right product! Indeed, if we don’t have much time to dedicate to our makeup every morning, it is better to concentrate only on our complexion. Here are some expert tips to brighten up our complexion with anti-aging makeup. […]

« EXPERTS » reports    10.10.22

Nowadays, many skincare products are available in liquid form, and they are commonly known as “liquid skincare” or “cosmetic water.” These liquid skincare products are a cosmetic trend that came from Asia several years ago, more precisely from Japan, where water is considered a key element in beauty routines. This type of skincare is based […]

« EXPERTS » reports    28.09.22

What do we need? A vitamin C treatment – Vitamin C is one of the best vitamins for the skin as it prevents spots, imperfections, and is anti-aging. Dull skin and skin alterations are mostly caused by the following factors: lack of sleep, smoking, pollution, stress, and an unbalanced diet. These daily aggressions are responsible for free radicals, which […]

« EXPERTS » reports    13.06.22

Taking care of your hair Nowadays, a basic shampoo is no longer sufficient to preserve the beauty of your hair from root to tip. Since the scalp is stressed in the same way as the skin, its condition greatly affects the appearance of your hair. The scalp is indeed an extension of our epidermis which […]

« EXPERTS » reports    06.05.22

Youth Booster is the anti-aging treatment for you! Developed with a 4-action formula: hydration, detox, renewal and protection. A silky cream with a unique texture that will immediately restore radiance to your face thanks to an optimised blend of active molecules (concentrated in optimal doses) to restore the skin’s youthfulness. Beauty tips Apply the Youth […]

« EXPERTS » reports    05.05.22

A scrub for soft skin The first thing to do is to apply a scrub. Exfoliate once or twice a week (in a specific area or all over the body) with the Delightful Exfoliating Body Scrub, a soft and delicate body scrub made with natural exfoliating particles. It will help to eliminate accumulated impurities and […]

« EXPERTS » reports    14.03.22

With so many treatment products available, it can be difficult to understand why they’re used and how to choose between them. However, there are two products that should be an essential part of your routine: cream and serum. These are two very distinct treatment products with very different properties. Cream Cream helps to protect your […]

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