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The first signs of aging: should I alter my beauty routine?

13.10.20    « EXPERTS » reports
Written by Nelly, Director of Boutique IOMA Paris

What are the very first signs of aging?

The first signs of skin aging can appear from the mid-20s onwards. From the age of 30, 40 and 50 we refer to behavioural skin aging and our environment, lifestyle and skin care routine can all have a significant impact on the appearance of wrinkles and the firmness and overall look of skin.

At 30: wrinkles appear more frequently. Generally speaking, the main culprit is the famous lion’s wrinkle between the eyebrows, or frown lines on the forehead.

At 40: wrinkles become deeper and appear in new areas on the face, such as nasolabial folds or crow’s feet in the corner of the eyes.

At 50 and beyond: skin is mature and after about the age of fifty, wrinkles are generally firmly established. At this stage, we refer to deep wrinkles.

Skin aging is not the same for everyone, several factors influence when it begins to occur: lots of exposure to the sun, stress, pollution, not enough sleep, too much make-up, no make-up removal, excessive cigarettes and alcohol, not using suitable creams or serums etc…

Which factors impact the first signs of aging?

When skin is subjected to excessive pollution and/or smoke, it becomes dull, thicker, more marked and develops pigment spots. Skin that is not well cared for is easily identifiable through its texture: open pores, poor balance between oily and dry areas.

Everyday behaviours can also accentuate the first signs of age, such as poor diet, alcohol consumption, make-up routines that are not suited to the skin-type or are aggressive. Sugar in particular is the main enemy of youthful skin. Excess sugars attach to skin proteins, reducing their ability to function. When these proteins, which are vital for the creation of new skin, are damaged, skin becomes drier and less supple, leading to more wrinkles and an increasingly dull complexion.

Finally, so-called “overwhelmed” skin can be spotted through facial expressivity with very tight lines and creases, a sad expression, bags under the eyes. The main causes are stress, lack of sleep, anxiety etc..

What is the right course of action?

To preserve your youth, in addition to a healthy diet, regular physical activity and quality sleep, many cosmetic products are available to help care for beautiful skin and delay the onset of the first signs of aging. Serums and creams should be applied daily in the morning and the evening after removing all traces of make-up and cleansing thoroughly.

Crow’s feet and laughter lines will no longer be viewed as signs of aging, but rather of a joyful life. Times are changing, and people’s outlook with them. On the other hand, lion’s wrinkles, lip wrinkles and spots and marks resulting in a dull complexion are the new zones to target with skin care products.

The perfect routine:

In the morning, start by systematically cleansing your skin with a skin care water or toning lotion.

Follow this with a day cream on top of a moisturising serum or bespoke multidimensional serum such as Mon Sérum by IOMA, whilst gently massaging. Place a little product on your hands, then smooth your skin from your chin to your temples using the palms of your hands. For the forehead, apply the cream in small pinching movements along the length of the wrinkle.

Use an eye contour treatment daily, smoothing the eyelid with your fingertips from the inside to the outside. Massage under the eye using the same ritual, but not too close to the eye itself.

In the evening, use a make-up remover that is suited to your skin type and also complete cleansing with a moisturising toning lotion. Apply your serum before applying your night cream.

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