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News    09.06.23

How do dark spots appear ? Hyperpigmentation refers to blemishes showing up as isolated or scattered dark spots that appear in the most sensitive areas of the skin (face, neck, chest, back of hands, etc.). The formation of spots is related to dysfunction in melanogenesis, the skin pigmentation process, and the overproduction of melanin, the […]

News    10.05.23

What is Hair Cycling ? Hair Cycling, a new trend inspired by a widespread practice in Japan, consists of setting up a hair cycling regimen with the sole purpose of keeping your hair and scalp healthy throughout the year. This technique involves personalizing your haircare routine and is suitable for all hair types. Indeed, you […]

News, « EXPERTS » reports    17.03.23

It is not always easy to choose a face cream, a serum, a cleanser, or a mask from the wide range of products available on the market. Every minute around the world, a consumer relies on IOMA’s expertise to build their beauty routine and, more specifically, to choose their face creams. Indeed, our science-backed skincare […]

News    18.10.18

They like IOMA… Virginie Guilhaume, Anouchka Delon, Elodie Gossuin…These celebrities all have something in common: radiant skin! They offer us their beauty tips. Virginie Guilhaume         What’s your first beauty and well-being routine when you wake up in the morning? I give my children a hug. Nothing makes me feel more beautiful… […]

News    07.02.18

NEW : Youth Booster Youth Booster : discover the 2nd generation of global connected anti-aging care from IOMA. The only treatment that measures and follows your skin hydration level. Hydrating, detox, anti-aging… Knox everything about the 1st face treatment connected to your needs.         A unique techno-glam treatment THE FIRST INTELLIGENT TREATMENT […]

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