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How can I care for dehydrated skin?

16.11.18    « EXPERTS » reports
Written by IOMA

The ideal routine for very dry skin

Itchy, uncomfortable skin, fine lines… Do you suffer from very dry or dehydrated skin? Read on for all our tips when choosing a beauty routine that specifically meets the needs of dry skin.

Sebum plays a protective role for the skin and helps preserve its hydration levels. When sebum production decreases (due to cold or hot weather, friction, aggressive cleaning…), the skin is less protected against water losses. It itches, loses its radiance and fine lines can even appear… in short, when skin lacks water, it gets dehydrated! If this sounds familiar, your skin needs daily moisturizing to quench its thirst, and a special routine to nourish and protect it.

Clean gently

Step 1: Clean gently

To clean very dry skin, IOMA recommends the use of mild, non-drying make-up removers.

IOMA Moisturising Cleansing Milk


lait démaquillant hydrtatant

IOMA Moisturising Cleansing Milk has a fresh gel texture and is enriched with moisturizing active ingredients. It dissolves makeup and impurities while maintaining the skin’s hydrolipidic film.


IOMA Moisturising Skin Care Water


eau de soin hydratante

IOMA Moisturising Skin Care Water is a light alcohol-free lotion that’s perfect for removing make-up residues and leaving skin healthy, soft, and toned.

Moisturize deeply

Step 2: Moisturize deeply

Once or twice a week, the application of a rehydrating face mask is a great moisturizing move for dry skin.

IOMA Deep Care Moisturising Mask


masque soin hydratant profond

A truly hydrating bath for the skin, the IOMA Deep Care Moisturising Mask is used on the entire face, neck and even the eye contour area. After a 10- to 15-minute break, facial skin is visibly plumped and deeply rehydrated.


Protect skin on a daily basis

Step 3: Protect skin on a daily basis

Applying a moisturizing skin care routine every morning and evening is essential to keeping skin supple and preventing the appearance of wrinkles from dehydration.

IOMA Optimum Moisture Serum


Serum Hydratant Optimum

IOMA Optimum Moisture Serum, is applied daily, on clean skin. It’s refreshing and helps skin regain its elasticity.


IOMA Optimum Moisture Cream


Creme Hydratation Optimale

IOMA Optimum Moisture Cream is used daily, morning and evening. Its light and comfortable texture restores shine and softness to the skin.


Our expert advice

Don’t wait until your skin is too dry to moisturize it. Dry skin causes dehydration lines and, eventually, wrinkles. Good, daily hydration helps preserve its youthfulness and prevent premature aging of the skin.


IOMA Youth Booster


To the question « How do I know if my skin lacks moisture? » IOMA has the answer:
The IOMA Youth Booster is the only face care treatment to contain a hydration sensor built into the cap. It lets you measure your daily hydration levels, adapt your use of the product, and track the effectiveness of your beauty routine.
Your skin will be truly hydrated, protected from aging and external aggressors. The effectiveness of IOMA’s skin care line is proven!


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